Our Approach

Alpine Line Publishers operates on a Pay-it-Forward philosophy; this means that we provide all proof reading, editing, promotional services at no cost to authors. We operate on a share of royalties.

Our Story

We have been in existence since 2009, as Angelic Light Publications. As of April 1st, 2016, our name was changed, to better fit all of the genres of literature, art, music and theatrical works we now handle.We are not a Self-publication service. Every author and their works are placed under review by our panel of literary educators and editors. No author is guaranteed that his/her work will be accepted, even if the author has been published by us in the past. If an author is looking for a guaranteed acceptance by a publisher for his/her literary works, independent/corporate publishing is not the avenue to follow; we suggest such authors follow the Self-publication route.

All of our print material, audio material, and gallery material is produced in the United States on a Publish on Demand platform.

Our Artists and Composers works are professionally printed, lithographed, matted & framed, and bound (if necessary) locally in Colorado Springs, CO.

Meet the Team

Joel S Diehl

Joél S. Diehl MA

Founder & CEO

Joél studied at DeSales University, University of Phoenix, University of Colorado, and is currently a student at the University of Sedona. He is an ordained minister with the Universalist Church. He holds a MA in Eastern Philosophy and is perusing his PhD’s in Transpersonal Counseling and Theocentric Psychology. Joél made a decision, in the mid 1980’s, to follow the teachings of the Buddha; he has devoted his life to the path of enlightenment and the pursuit of inner peace, through meditation, kindness and the realization that the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus are beautifully tied together. Joél is the Sensei of Enlightened Life Fellowship (Buddhist fellowship) and is an On-Air Personality with Tri Lakes Radio (Part of the LIVE365 Radio Network).  Joél is an advocate for anti-bullying, human rights, equal rights and the rights for people with special needs.


Cathy M. Miller MA

Vice President

Cathy M. Miller is a licensed ordained non-denominational Angel Minister.  She graduated from Gateway University of Higher Consciousness and has a MA from the University of Metaphysical Sciences, Kate is a certified  representative of the Wisdom of the Heart Church, along with certifications which include but not limited to: Reiki (both Usui and Seichem), Light Language I, Hypnosis, The Angel Path to Soul Training, and Spiritual Counseling that highly compliment her abilities of service to others. Cathy shares her knowledge of Light Work with each person she contacts. Hundreds have experienced positive loving transformation with Cathy's unconditional loving guidance. As a gifted Intuitive, Healing Source and Spiritual Counselor Cathy personifies the title of a Mystic. It is important for each to realize that Cathy deeply acknowledges that all that she is comes from God Source.

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