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Corbin Dunn




Corbin Dunn has lived most of his life in Colorado, enjoying the indoors while everyone else enjoyed the outdoors. Born in 1990, his love of fantasy and sci-fi has been with him since elementary school. While he had always been an avid reader, going through multiple novels each week, his love for writing didn’t really come about until high school. While searching for a roleplaying video game, he accidentally stumbled across a forum based roleplaying site. He immediately fell in love with being able to create and control a character within the setting of the site. He spends the time between his work and his passion with his incredible wife, wanting only for more time to pursue all of his interests.








A city of law and peace, the center of the world. It is a city-kingdom protected by the mysterious Witch Hunters, ruled by those who threw off the shackles of magic. Only the nightly witch hunts remain as a reminder of the horrors of that time, when the streets are lit by spells, and run red with the blood of Hunter and Mancer alike.

The Violet Night

Eighteen years ago, the city glowed violet as a powerful necromancer enacted the ultimate ritual. Her army of undead clashed with the Witch Hunters in the most violent event since the Uprising. The blood stains the mind of Prince Destrivel Orophos still. It is, and has been ever since that night, his aspiration to become a Witch Hunter. But he is a royal, and worse, a male, destined to be married off as a trophy. His warrior training meant little in this time of peace, and his souls seeks something to break the shackles of duty and station that have held him all these years.



"Alekhine's Gun ~ A Recolecetion Paradigm Novel"" is also available for purchase on your Kindle or NOOK eReaders.

   The continent of Amon remains as the last bastion for the various mortal races, the rest of the planet extinguished by the mysterious Unthinkable a century past. The scattered Colonies function mostly in isolation, and travel between them is treacherous indeed. But a pair of Skytouched sisters make a living in the hazardous Wastes, their skill in combat seeing many a traveler safely to their destination. When a man named Alekhine approaches them, he seems like just another ordinary customer. At least at first. But what he seeks is no mere trade route or profit, he seeks answers to what ended the world so long ago. The Colonies are fractured, each race blaming the other for this disaster, and only the truth can bring them together.



"Shroud of the Martyr ~ Book 2 of Manikin's Mantke" is also available for purchase on your Kindle or NOOK eReaders.

   Pulled into the hidden world of the Ombra, a race of beings that seem to hold the fate of the world in their hands, Bastian Lyle Cross is forced to face the most hated parts of himself to give his race a chance at survival. Exiled with only his teacher for company, he must learn the ways of the Ombra. If he cannot prove that mankind can master their chaotic and destructive nature, then the war waging in the world of man was certain to tear it apart.



"Cloak of the Demon" is also available for purchase on your Kindle or NOOK eReaders.

On an Earth plagued by a Third World War, humankind is no longer the master species on the planet. The Ombra, a humanoid species, tens of thousands of years older than humans and humankinds superior, on an evolutionary scale; as well as possessing great telekinetic and other evolutionary gifts,   share this world.  Humankind’s and the Ombra’s existence is dependent upon each being able to find and keep inner peace, self-actualization, acceptance of self and others and a common bond, while spiritually, mentally and physically a demon is among them striving to destroy anything and everything placed within their grasps to create this peaceful and enlightening future.

Cloak of the Demon” is powerfully written; a true testament to the struggles of the human condition, packed with action, thought provoking dialogue and a style which draws the reader directly into each of the characters minds.


"The Spires of Respite" is also available for purchase on your Kindle or NOOK eReaders.

Redemption is something that cannot be earned except by those who have already lost. Lost their way, lost themselves, or lost their minds. The road is difficult, and becomes more so the further you fall. For those who have fallen the furthest, it is more difficult still. For those who have lost their very lives, redemption seems to be forever out of their grasp. 

Carabia is a demon. Sentenced to Hell upon her death, she struggles to find purpose and hope where there is none. Respite is a treacherous city, the only one in Hell, and it offers no sanctuary for the damned. It is a reflection of the chaotic world above, an ever shifting puzzle where there is no familiarity, no mercy. The Demon Lords rule over this place beside Lucifer, wielding power unimaginable to mere mortals. And yet it is they who have lost the most, who have fallen the furthest, and have the longest climb ahead of them.







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