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Cathy M. Miller is a licensed ordained non-denominational Angel Minister. She graduated from Gateway University of Higher Consciousness and has a MA from the University of Metaphysical Sciences along with certifications; which include but not limited to, Reiki (both Usui and Seichem), Light Language I, Hypnosis, The Angel Path to Soul Training, and Spiritual Counselling that highly compliment her abilities of service to others.

Cathy shares her knowledge of Light Work with each person she contacts. Hundreds have experienced positive loving transformation with Cathy's unconditional loving guidance. As a gifted Intuitive, Healing Source and Spiritual Counselor Cathy personifies the title of a Mystic. It is important for each to realize that Cathy deeply acknowledges that all that she is comes from God Source.

Bringer of Peace web cover


“The Bringer of Peace” is a collection of meditations and positive affirmations inspired by the words of and life of Gautama Buddha, as well as the messages she has received throughout her own Spiritual walk. Cathy has dedicated the majority of her adolescent and adult life to the journey of the Enlightened Spirit. During her journey, she has encountered many Enlightened Spirits who have guided her on her path. Whether you choose to read this book cover to cover or allow your higher self to pick pages at random, you will find “The Bringer of Peace” to be an essential addition to your library.


"Pocket Dharma" is a beautifully written collection of Spiritually Inspirational, Motivating, Uplifting, and Affirming words of Dharma Wisdom, brought together by five time published author Cathy M. Miller.

In this “pocket book”, Cathy has placed a select grouping of her most popular quotes. Each page is dedicated to one quote, thought, idea. This book has been written without chapters or an index, to encourage the reader to simply pick it up, open it to any page, and allow the Universe to be the guide.

Use this book throughout your day, in combination with your other Spiritual and Self-Actualizing materials, whenever you need a boost of positivity or a self-affirmation. Carry it with you.


“Walk In Grace” is a powerfully beautiful collection of dialogues by Rev. Cathy M. Miller MA. Each dialogue embraces positive and nurturing energies and serves as affirmations of self-empowerment, self-actualization, and self-worth; it is so multidimensional, in its delivery. “Walk In Grace” can be extremely useful as a daily guide to success, devotion, meditation, and as a dynamic tool within self-help. By far, one of Rev. Miller’s greatest works, there is a plethora of wonder and joy waiting for every person who reads this book. “Walk in Grace” is both a philosophical and spiritual masterpiece.


"The Many Faces Of You" is a compilation of channeled meditations. The meditations are meant to be utilized by your Higher-Self, through allowing your Spirit to select which meditation is needed. This book can be used as a devotional, self-help guide to spiritual growth, self-actualization and more.


“Welcome to the Dance” is a wondrous collection of spiritual meditations, written by Rev. Dr. Cathy M. Miller, which can be used as a guide to self-help and self-empowerment. Profoundly intuitive and written through love, “Welcome to the Dance” is a necessary addition to the spiritual library of any person seeking to find self-awareness, grow in self-confidence and/or enhance his/her own spiritual path. As a Reiki Grand Master and a Zen Instructor, the reading of “Welcome to the Dance” has become a daily ritual for me. Whether one chooses to read “Welcome to the Dance from cover to cover, or simply allow his/her spirit to choose the pages needed for a particular moment in time, this beautifully written work will continue to inspire, bless and encourage many for generations to come. Free yourself from the constrains society has placed upon you. Be the amazing and beautiful creation you are meant to be. Most of all “Welcome to the Dance”. Namasté ~ Rev. Dr. Joél S. Diehl Ms.D.


Empowerment through Grace is a powerful collection of meditations and thoughts, brought together in reverent love and kindness by Rev. Cathy M. Miller. Throughout this book, the reader will find over a year's worth of Rev. Cathy's inspirational and motivational messages, which she has shared with her many students. The grace and love from which she writes is serene and uplifting; as well as empowering.Empowering through Grace is not just a book; it is a beautiful map to personal empowerment, grace, personal freedom and spiritual enlightenment.