The late James Albert Bealer was an ordained minister with the Universalist Church and held a Doctorate of Divinity. James had been active in the campaign for human rights and equal rights for all people, far prior to his ordination. Throughout his ministry, James had found a beauty and serenity with his “personal” relationship with God; he had made it a mission to help all people find their own “personal” relationship with God that is absent from the added words humankind has built into many dogmas.



Beyond the Bible is a powerful devotional experience, which every person on any form of spiritual quest should read. Empowered by unconditional love and his own personal trials, Rev. Bealer has brought forth a compilation of thoughts, pondering and prayers that has empowered his own personal relationship with God. Much more than just a book, or even a devotional, Beyond the Bible is “Tao” for any and all Christians.