Jeffrey Douglas Reich has lived, died inside, and been revived more times than he can count. His outlook on life, both this and the next, is rather whimsical considering how darkly he portrays it. He hopes to live with his rats (Wunt, Ooth, Reef, and Our) for as long as the powers that be will allow it. Appreciative as he is for you as a person, he appreciates purchasers even more and believes this increases the value of your life therefore increasing the chances of him saving your life in any situation in which it would benefit him. Please feel free to contact him with any questions, complaints, thanks for changing your life through his brilliant works, or rage filled rants decrying his writings.



“What happens when a pimp, a prostitute, a serial killer, and the literal Son of Satan walk into a bar?” This question is asked and then quickly answered in this story of Satan’s son coming to Earth. Dark humor, offensive topics, sexual content, and just plain odd moments come and go in this show almost as fast as a [REDACTED FOR THE CHILDREN]. If you have questions about the afterlife, stereotypes, or how far you can push boundaries before no publisher will glance at your play without dousing themselves with holy water and crying in the shower for several days after then have I got a show for you!