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Nicholas S. Casale grew up in Palmer Lake; which is a small town in Colorado. Shortly thereafter, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and began working as a paralegal.

From a young age he was attracted to history, myth, religion, and spent several years searching for the religion that best matched his personal beliefs; he is now a practicing Messianic Jew and is happily married to the woman who taught him Hebrew.

Currently, he lives in Colorado Springs, with his wife, in a house that has been around since the late 1800's.

Mousey and the Golden Book


Mousefred Souris lives in a world without humanity, and animals have risen to become like people. Mice like him live as slaves under the rule of a cruel cat, who lords over them with her armies of weasels and bats. For the crime of helping an injured stranger, Mousey is imprisoned and told he must either join the evil queen's army or die. But a chance encounter with a golden book sets Mousey on the path to freedom. The book teaches Mousey the secrets of magic, and with these newfound secrets he sets out on a journey to become the hero he was born to be.



"The Salian Nobility; they'll embrace you with the right hand, then stab you with the left." When Leon, the heir to the Renart Duchy, realized he was falling in love with his stepmother he knew the secret was one that could tear the whole family down. Long has he detested the games of lies, blackmail, secrets, and assassinations that the lords of his homeland play, but now he must learn to play the game as well as his father does if he wishes for his family to survive. There are enemies everywhere, and every masquerade ball is secretly a battle fought in shadows and lip-service.



Book One of Tales of Erets - The Crusade of Stone and Stars. The Queen of the kingdom of Arx is having an affair with her oldest childhood friend, right under the King's nose. The King of Arx; however, is not only fine with that but, in fact, is encouraging it; as the King is a lover of men. Arx needs an heir to the throne and the King plans to claim whatever child his Queen, and her bodyguard, conceive is his own. But in Arxian politics secrets have a price and affairs can tear a kingdom apart. Arx teeters on the brink of chaos; and all while the nearby kingdom of Nihilus threatens Arx with holy war.

Tales of Erets Book II


Book Two of Tales of Erets - The conflict between the people of Arx and the people of Nihilus continues. The Arxians; having conquered Nihilus, have appointed the iron-fisted Duke Jachai to
rule over the land of their enemies. His ruthlessness has only fueled the flames of
rebellion in Nihilus and tensions are rising.

Ardal, a former professor of Nihilite magic, has discovered that he has a terminal illness which may require him to seek help from his worst enemies, in order to cure.



Did knowing Deidra's latest prophecy truly give any sort of advantage? Given what incomprehensible nonsense it all seemed to be, Erelah could hardly see the value in it. Still, since her God had revealed it to her, she knew it had to be important. So, as she pushed herself to traverse the mountain pass, she repeated the soothsayer's words in her head.



The kingdoms of Arx and Nihilus have been joined as one and finally there is peace between their peoples. We now turn our gaze to the West, where a justicar named Dario is hunting the criminal mastermind behind the slave trade; The Vice Queen. During his investigations, he meets a strange young sorcerer who defies all gods and faiths, declaring himself his own god, his own master. All the while, Dario is plagued by terrible nightmares of a monstrous threat building strength underneath his feet. Meanwhile, a slave known as "The Dream Merchant" receives a visit from Sandalphon, the Archangel who led the now-fallen Inquisition. He tells her that it is her destiny to rebuild the Inquisition from the ashes, and become its new Grand Inquisitor. It's another tale of mystery, intrigue, seduction, and bloodshed in the history of Erets.