Submit your work for consideration

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2.) Do not send us your entire manuscript.

3.) Send us a detailed synopsis of your work. Outline the genre, style, classification, plot (if one applies to your work), the intended audience (demographics), your inspiration for the work, at least 5 segments from various chapters and any cause for the use of an intended poetic license.

4.) Include a cover letter requesting the intent to publish. Include your Legal name (remember a Pen Name is a Trade Name. In order for an author to use a Pen Name, we require proof of the legal registration of this name as such. If a Pen Name has not been registered as a Registered Trade Name, the author's legal name must be used; also include your address, city, state, Zip Code, Phone Number and email address.

Please, allow 6 to 8 weeks for a review of any work to be completed.

Upon the finalization of the review process, your request with all submissions will be returned to you, along with a letter of acceptance or denial.

NOTE: We do not accept any submissions via physical mail.