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Tony Ten Fingers (Wanbli Nata’u) born and raised in Oglala, SD, received his Bachelor of Science degree from Oglala Lakota College and his graduate degree from University of Hawaii. Currently, he is studying in a Doctor of Psychology program. He has been conducting empowerment, education, leadership, and prevention trainings for Native youth and young adults and lecturing nationally and internationally. His contribution to suicide prevention in native communities has been transformational. His professional development includes his graduate education, Indian Health Program Analyst, Substance Abuse clinician, College Instructor, as well as participating in his own Oglala Lakota culture, traditions, and ceremonies. He contributed significantly to Nature Awareness Schools and their programs in the continental US. This is a summation of his life’s work.



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Lakota Wisdom" is a beautiful creation of ancient and current wisdom, brought to us through the heart and soul of the author. Through our lives, we tend to take so much for granted of what the Earth and Nature gives us. We forget about the humility of life, as well as the importance of being one with all things. We structure our lives to be lived as a race, rather than to simply be lived in grace. This literary work is so much more than a series of sayings and quotes; it is a map to a more positive, humble, creative and loving way of living life. ~ Rev. Jody J. Laughing Bear D.D., Ms.D. – Enlightened Life Fellowship Church